alam atelier bali
alam atelier bali
alam atelier bali

Alam Atelier Bali

Set upon the lush fields of Canggu, Bali, our learning spaces are filled with natural light and fresh air. Discoveries can flow freely from the indoor setting to the outdoor areas. The beach is less than a kilometer away.

The wide outdoor areas invite learners to explore. Water play, mud pools, seedbeds, and woodworking are some of the features that appeal to the senses and stir curiosity.

The school buildings are beautiful reflections of the culture it is set upon. The learning materials are mostly sourced from the community with the genuine intention of supporting the local artisans. The learning spaces are mini-ateliers that promote either loose parts play, clay exploration, crafting, and even woodworking.

Our Light & Shadow Atelier is outfitted with a variety of LED lights, projectors, and light tables. The Computer Lab provides desktop units for research, coding, and computing. It also features an Augmented Reality Sandbox and iPad units to support the children's exploration. The Music Atelier provides a variety of percussion, strings, and woodwind instruments sourced locally and internationally.

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