ISMILE Alam Atelier School practices an interdisciplinary and holistic curriculum that focuses on the child. Its curriculum is constructed upon the key elements of research-proven and effective pedagogical approaches that equip the child to be a life-long learner in the 21st century.


Infant and Toddler (6 - 30 months)

A parent-and-child bonding program that develops and nurtures the young learner’s relationship with his surroundings and the world, while in the presence of a significant adult. Emphasis is given on sensory art, creative explorations, music and movement, and nurturing relationships.

Nursery (2 - 4 years)

The program for this level relies mainly on expressive arts that allow young children to experience their world in many different ways. The focus is not on the final product, but on the creative process of initiating and revisiting interests through various media. Nature is both a setting and a subject.

Kindergarten (4 - 6 years)

Our program encourages inquiry-based learning that involves long-term projects. Reading and writing are treated as essential tools for learning, simply a means to understand. There is an emphasis on child-led explorations that is not limited to the four walls of the classroom, nor the confines of the school.

Primary (Grades 1 - 3)

The early grades program follows an integrated program that supports academic targets through projects. The children are encouraged to become investigators and researchers, change-makers and problem-solvers. The children move around a bigger classroom that includes the local community and the global network of learners.

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