Frequently-Asked Questions

We have received a few messages inquiring about several concerns. Here is a list of FAQs to help everyone understand the school’s policies. If your concerns are not included in the list below, please email

“Can my child start school first and then I will pay the school fees within the week?”

All school fees must be settled prior to the first day of school. Our admin and finance personnel would like to serve you well. We request that you acknowledge their emails and their gentle reminders about the school fees. This way we will be better advised before taking any action.

“I noticed that the month of May has a lot of school days off. Can I get a discount on all school holidays or ‘tanggal merah’?”

As with any other schools, Alam Atelier will be closed in observance of national holidays. As an international establishment, we see it fitting to follow local traditions out of respect for our host country. Your children’s teachers have already planned the lessons around these dates. Tasks and targets have been divided accordingly. Fee requirements, therefore, are the same and holidays are not deducted.

“Is there a penalty for late payments?”

All fees must be settled before the term begins or before the child starts. All continuing students must settle 2 weeks prior to the first day of school. The billing statement will have a deadline for payment. A penalty of Rp 50,000/day will be issued thereafter until the fees are settled.

“I do not have a local bank account / BCA account. Can I pay in cash?”

AAS has a cashless payment system and does not accept cash payments for school fees. All payments must be made via bank transfer, or through the EDC machine in our front office.

“I do not have a local bank account / BCA account. Can I pay using a different bank account?”

AAS accepts credit and debit payments. The following charges apply depending on the bank account:
- International and Local Credit Cards, 3% charge
- International Debit Card, 3% charge
- Local Debit Card, 1% charge

“My child is signed up for 3 days a week. Can we add an additional day?”

Only toddlers and nursery students are allowed to add an additional day. Infants, Kindergarten and Primary levels have a fixed schedule due to the developmental level and/or the learning requirements.

“We will be in Jakarta next week. How much do we have to pay if we want to attend any of your centers there for a few days?”

All AAS families are welcome in any of our Jakarta and Bandung centers, provided that the same-level class is not full. Please inform our admin office so we can arrange with the center coordinator in Jakarta/Bandung. This is a benefit of all students of the ISMILE Family of Schools and is free of charge if you are enrolled in any of our centers. Do note that ISMILE and Ishine centers have different approaches, goals, and content from AAS.

“We will not be staying long in Bali. What are my options?”

AAS offers a short term program that is non-academic. The Leaf-Water Warriors Program focuses on nature-appreciation and is conducted outdoors or on-site. Please inquire on the details from our admin office.

“We are not staying very long in Bali. Can we prorate the fees?”

Our fee structure only supports a minimum of full-term payments. We are not prorating the fees because of the nature of our school program. Classes have long-term projects and academic goals. We believe that time is an investment and each child progress at different times.

“Do you provide infant daycare services?”

Our current infant program is a parent-child bonding program. his requires the presence of a parent or a significant caregiver in school. Any infant enrolled in our program must be accompanied by an adult. A daycare program is in the works. We will keep you posted.

“We are coming in the middle of the term, how can my child catch up with the lessons he missed?”

The whole year round enrollment does not plot extra time to catch up on missed lessons. Your child will be acquainted with the current project and the goals of the term he/she has enrolled in.

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