Administrative and Finance Policies

1. An Academic Year comprises of 4 Terms or total 40 weeks. Each Term has 9 (nine) to 11 (eleven) weeks

2. School fees inclusive of:

• Snack provided for the half-day program
• Lunch provided for full day program and snack
• Gymnastics program by Baz gym's coach within school hour, twice a week
• Two field trips in an academic year
• Additional field trip(s) for project work and extended learning, as needed
• The major events at the end of each semester
• One (1) set of school uniform
• Yearly camp for Primary students

3. Kindly be advised of the following details:

a. Siblings discount: Every additional sibling in ALAM ATELIER SCHOOL, take a further 10% discount off on the lower tuition fees:
1st child – full tuition fee
2nd child – 10% discount on tuition fee
3rd child – 20% discount on tuition fee, etc.

b. All fees are due two weeks before the start of a new term. A penalty of IDR 50,000 per day will be charged for late payments up to a maximum of two weeks into a term. The child will not be able to attend class thereafter until fees are settled. Kindly settle all fees promptly to help us take care of our staff better.

c. Infant and Toddler students are permitted to take one term leave in an Academic Year. Please provide a letter of notification two weeks before the requested term break. Nursery 1 to Primary level students are not permitted to take any term leave in an Academic Year.

d. All payments are to be transferred to PT Sumber Pancaran Hikmat account:
PT Sumber Pancaran Hikmat
Bank BCA ITC Permata Hijau, Jl. Letjen Soepeno, Arteri, Permata Hijau,
Gedung Emerald, No 12&14, Jakarta Selatan
Account Number: 5050.282.033
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Payment with credit card is acceptable with an additional 3% (or per current bank’s regulation) for the bank administration fee. Cash will not be accepted. All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reasons.

e. Other terms and conditions shall follow the school’s policy.

4. Withdrawal and Transfer Notice

A month’s notice is required prior to withdrawal from school. There will be no refund of partial or full payment of fees within the withdrawal notice period.

5. Term Break and Leave Policy

Infant/Toddler students are permitted to take one term of leave per annum; please provide a letter of notification two weeks before the requested term break period. Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 students are not allowed any term leave. Students who leave for a term are treated as new students.

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