Little Acorns and Early Bloomers (Infants and Toddlers)

6 - 30 months

A parent-and-child bonding program that develops and nurtures the young learner’s relationship with his surroundings and the world, while in the presence of a significant adult. Emphasis is given on sensory art, creative explorations, music and movement, and nurturing relationships.

Snowflakes and Spring Dew (Nursery 1 and 2)

2 - 4 years

Relies mainly on expressive arts that allow young children to experience their world in many different ways. The focus is not on the final product, but on the creative process of initiating and revisiting interests through various media.

Sunbursts and Mighty Oaks (Kindergarten 1 and 2)

4 – 6 years

Inquiry-based learning that involves long-term projects. Reading and writing are treated as essential tools for learning, simply a means to understand.

Extended Programs Offered