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Practical Wisdom for Leaders
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The idea for this conference came from a discussion with an inspirational leader in a Western Australian service who lamented the lack of quality development opportunities for leaders and future leaders offered by the Australian Professional Development community. We discussed the value of leading by example with authentic, practical engagement of educators and children.

This gathering addresses the choices that leaders in early learning services, schools and classrooms make when realising a learning landscape to inspire children, staff, guardians and the community.

Aristotle's proposal that Practical Wisdom is an intellectual virtue will guide our discussions. We will ask if we pay enough attention to practical reason in our decision making. Do we engage practical reason as expressed by deliberation? Do we make good choices and is our reasoning correct, in that do we have the right desires and importantly we do we act on our choices?

So in Bali October 2018 we will offer inspiring stories from leaders who show what is possible when we make choices for our communities which engage Practical Wisdom. We will relate to the influence of culture and contemporary practice requiring us to take risks, trust ourselves, learn new skills and seek people who share our passion and dreams.

Why Bali, because the most significant learning and joy the ISMILE family and I have experienced over the past few years has been learning from, and engaging with each other as educators from different cultures. Sharing some challenges, but at times dealing with entirely different contexts and realities. We invite you to share this journey and to and gain wisdom from the global community of educators and educational leaders you will encounter.

So join us, enjoy and grow in Bali October 2018.

Gillian McAuliffe

Practical Wisdom

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